A Weekend on Astrology, with John Frawley and Fotini Christodoulou

February 27th – March 1st 2015, in Thessaloniki.


Friday evening:

John: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
So much is written about how we see love and attraction in the astrological chart – but how much is all this worth? In an entertaining but astrologically rigorous lecture, John reviews popular techniques, then shows with what precision and clarity we can unravel the web of emotions, thoughts and desires that pass between people.


A Day on Horary

John: Horary Beyond the Rule-book
No textbook can possibly cover every eventuality that we might find in a chart, nor is the writer of any textbook infallible. In this intensive, chart-based, workshop, suitable for both experienced horary astrologers and beginners, John shows what we do when faced with issues that the texts don't cover - and how we get to the heart of issues where the texts bring only confusion.

Fotini:  Guidance to mariners: Horary essentials
Warning rules, planets, dignities, aspects, common sense and what to do with them. We learn how to avoid popular sirens and use our tools properly.


A Day on Natal Astrology

John: Planets with Agendas of Their Own
The planets in our birthchart are like politicians, each arguing its case within our internal parliament. A planet with an urgent agenda of its own will shout especially loudly in that parliament, and will have a particularly clear and prominent influence over our behaviour. Using many chart examples, John shows how to recognise such planets, and how simple it is to understand how they will determine the choices we make.

Fotini: Natal astrology fundamentals
An introduction to the traditional natal approach: we explore the theory and the basic steps of the natal analysis.

John’s lectures will be given in English with full Greek translation. Fotini’s will be given in Greek.
Cost: Booking will open in September. The price will be 240 euros, with a 20% discount for bookings made before the end of December. Although booking doesn’t open till September, expressions of interest are more than welcome now!

John Frawley has been a full-time teacher and practitioner of traditional astrology since 1994, with clients and students around the world. He is author of The Real Astrology (Spica Award: International Book of the Year); The Real Astrology Applied; The Horary Textbook; and Sports Astrology. He has lectured in five continents, and is currently preparing for publication a collection of detailed studies of natal charts. The Horary Textbook is available in Greek.

Fotini Christodoulou has been actively dealing with astrology for the past 10 years while working as a columnist for a popular Greek astrology site and magazines. She is a graduate of John Frawley’s Horary Apprenticeship, with a diploma as Horary Craftsman, and is currently at an advanced stage of John’s course in natal astrology.

Information and booking:  horarycraftsman@gmail.com


Thessaloniki has its own airport. Hotels include:

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