Fotini C.

Fotini Christodoulou is a full-time practitioner and teacher of traditional astrology. 
She has been actively involved with astrology for the past 10 years, working as a columnist for a popular Greek website and magazines, hosting radio shows on astrological issues, writing for astrological magazines and frequently giving lectures at astrological events. 
Fotini is a graduate of both John Frawley's Horary Apprenticeship, with a diploma as Horary Craftsman, and of the Natal Apprenticeship, with a diploma as Craftsman Astrologer.

A few words from my teacher: 
"I have had many good students, but Fotini is quite outstanding. She seems to have an innate grasp of the principles of astrological judgement. I have every confidence in her abilities and recommend her most highly." - John Frawley

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