Sirius Horary

irius is the brightest Fixed Star in the Sky. Its name means the “Glowing” one. It is also called the “Dog Star” or “Orion’s Dog” while some Native American tribes referred to it as the “Wolf-Star” or “Coyote Star”. According to Ptolemy it has the Nature of Jupiter and Mars. Homer in his famous “Iliad” writes (rhapsody X):

“And while he roamed in the field, it was Old Priamus’ eye that saw it first, shining like a star, which slowly rises in summer and in the heart of night among the lots of stars, it stands out. Orion’s Dog they call it, and above all others shines brightest, but it is a bad sign, as it comes out, bringing excessive heat upon the poor mortals …”

This Star symbolizes the extreme heat – the one that can burn everything down. Homer is describing perfectly its nature. But there is more to it. Ιt can be Jupiter-like, a good guardian, a loyal friend, shining our way into the true Path of our Soul, or when it has given in to its Mars (desire) side, to bring fatal “fevers” to the mortals' hearts. As the Great Dog of the skies, it can protect and be a loyal friend for life, or to be a wild animal that barks and bites. It all boils down to… training. When its mixed Jupiter - Mars nature works in harmony, it can express the Desire to do Good. Mars’ desire nature and actions are directed by Morality and Compassion. This Fixed Star is considered to be a fortunate one – although wearing some Sun-block and carrying a bottle of water never harmed anyone!

Many things are told about it, but this blog is named after it for certain reasons. One, for it is connected with the writer’s chart. However the other and more important reason is that of all the Fixed Stars, this is the only one that is connected with those splendid, lazy summer days of our lives; when we used to lie around enjoying the Sun with our heads emptied of any trouble. It is inspired by those innocent and carefree Dog Days and directly influenced by the beloved song “Summertime” - when the livin’ is easy and the cotton is high! This is how I perceive the Essence of Sirius: abundance, easiness and a nice, comfy shadowed place to nestle up. Dog days, indeed!

Taking on the shiny side of Sirius, this blog will try to shed some light on the way Astrology works and more specifically on the way Horary works. Horary (for those that are not familiar with it), is the most ancient predictive tool, an extremely accurate, amazing tool that can answer the widest range of questions and human problems. I do not think it actually needs more publicity by me, because it speaks itself more eloquently than I could ever speak.

This blog’s main cause is to present its principals in a friendly and comprehensible way. My hope is that the reader might get to understand and most of all love the Tradition and Philosophy behind this “Divine Science”, as William Lilly referred to Astrology, as much as I do. The blog will speak in two languages: in Greek, perhaps a little bit more in English, but above all in the Astrological one!