A quick note on Eclipses, stones, aliens and other paranormal phenomena.

Many things are written on Eclipses. Not a few people that belong to the relevant axis are expecting events connected with the coming Eclipse and some of them are in a relevant panic, so I feel I have to clarify some things. You may have the potential to throw a stone to someone’s head. You may even want it really bad. But it will be the prediction techniques that can arm your hand with a nice, preferably heavy, one. Eclipses will only trigger the throwing. If there isn’t a stone you can’t throw anything. Sometimes they’ll only have the potential for a paper clip or a tomato at the best of cases! And in most cases, only a few people will be inclined in throwing anything at all. 

Let’s have a quick look on how this works:

First of all, Eclipses do not by themselves produce events. Those will only have a meaning and give a potential event if they are closely connected to a natal chart. 

Even if it is connected to your natal chart, it cannot produce an event that isn’t already shown by the prediction techniques, as Solar Returns, progressions etc.

And even when all the above are pointing to an event, no event can be produced if that event doesn’t exist as a possibility in the natal chart.

An example:

Let's suppose, there is a potential in a natal chart for being abducted by aliens (well, I thought all other examples could be taken personally by the kind readers so I hope this one will do the job without creating expectations!) . In order for this potential to be realized there have to be serious indications for this event being realized in its progressed and Return chart. Only then comes the Eclipse chart: it is connected with the above so all it does is to trigger the event that we already knew that would occur. So you witness the spaceship landing on your back-yard. Fellow aliens can’t resist you and take you with them in order to inhabit exotic Mars or even better a new Solar system.  But the majority of human population will spend the day doing what it was doing, without much trouble or care about the Eclipse or aliens for that matter.

Eclipses can be seen as the cherry on top of a cake, where the natal chart is the basis, next the prediction techniques as the cream. Consequently you can’t have a cherry on top of the cake, if there isn’t a cake to begin with. 

Another important point is that the nature of the event, if it is indeed shown to be realized, can only be delineated on an absolute personalized level. Of course the charts mentioned above in relevance to the natal chart in question will point us to its nature. Stereotypes of the ‘Taurus/ Scorpio’ or whichever other axis Eclipses happen to occur to, means ‘a/b/c’ nature of event is a misconception. For one it could mean walking the dog, for the other walking himself to the nearest bar and for the other taking a one –way- ticket to Alaska.

The conclusion is that, for the majority of us, this Eclipse, as many before that, and many to come, will not produce any event. We might as well spend our time enjoying the lovely sunny day and leave the drama for those who desperately need it