Will We Win?

My philosophy could be summed pretty much to this:  first, learn how to swim.  Then take a deep breath, dive into the water and avoid meetings with barracudas or even worse, Great Whites. This is the reason that I do not post charts that have been answered; more over I believe it’ll be no use to the reader that has just started to study horary. It seems to me that it would be like throwing you off the boat while you haven’t got the slightest idea how to swim or even float. However its summertime, the livin’ should be easy (and some friends asked me to post this); I promise to throw a lot of arm floats and lifejackets – don’t forget your waterproof editions of Christian Astrology and Horary Textbook!

Below are 2 charts casted for football games. I consider them to be simple enough to make a point. But the main purpose of this post is to show the immediacy that Horary provides and more importantly its grandeur, in its simplicity. 

This kind of questions is at its base a matter of Us against Them. Us, well of course, WE are the good guys, the best team ever etc. Consequently the 1st house and its Lord will be the significators of the Querent’s team. 

“Them” on the other hand, is that bad team of people that want to win us, they are our enemy. Therefore they are signified by the 7th house, the house of open enemies, and it’s Lord. What we do is to collect evidence as if we were working for CSI, though in this case we don’t want to find who is guilty, but who will win the game in question.

First things first, so our first step is to take a look at the 1st house: Is there an affliction to it? We then do the same for the 7th house. Next we take a look at their Lords. Are they strong or weak, essentially? Are they strong or weak, accidentally? The latter will be an important factor for our judgment. Horary charts are always casted with the Regiomontanus system of houses.

So, to the first chart:

“Will we win?” - 25/1/2012, 17:05, Thessaloniki, Greece. In this chart we find:
Will we win? (ex 1)

-There isn’t an affliction or something beneficial to the 1st house.

-On 7th cusp we find a peregrine Mercury. That’s an affliction for the enemy. (Yes!!) We also find a debilitated Sun in the 7th. Be careful though: he is in a different sign then the 7th cusp, so it cannot be regarded as an affliction. To be one, he had to be in the same sign as the cusp and very close to it.

- Lord 1 is the Moon: In Pisces, Peregrine and in the 8th house a succedent house– but the 8th is an unpleasant house - an accidental debility. (Bad news!)

-Lord 7 is Saturn: Essentially strong and in an angular house (in the 4th).  We can now start crying because things are not good for us!

The judgment:

We are weak, essentially and accidentally. The enemy is strong essentially and more importantly, accidentally. Unfortunately, we - that is, the Querent’s team - lose. And so it proved.

An extra point this chart makes on educational level:  the Asc at 29.45 Cancer. And it is obvious now that the warning rule regarding the first or last degrees rising on the Asc of a horary chart, can safely be ignored! 

The second example:

“Will we win?”Casted at 16/4/2012, 13:20, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Will we win? (ex. 2)

The querent’s team (Lord 1) is the Sun and its enemy (Lord 7) is Saturn.
Here we have the a combination of 2 teams that are both equally strong essentially,  and Angular at the same time. 

-No afflictions to either of the houses.

-Sun in the 10th: as strong as it could possibly be and in Hayz – only a minor testimony (male diurnal planet in male sign above the horizon).

- Saturn in the 4th: though he is strong, he is Retrograde which is an affliction.

The judgment:

The querent’s team wins. So it proved.