The Killing Moon

Miss Moon has managed to attract human attention through the centuries. There are songs written about her; music, books and poems; vows made and broken in her name; some say her light looks like a river. Sometimes is said to be blue, silver or even red. She’s a romantic or a Man- eater; a mother or the greedy Queen that wants all of the King’s power. She’s a vamp or an angel. Some others claim she looks like a great piece of cheese in the night sky. Whatever our perception may be, we should all agree, she’s something!

We can find an enormous series of pieces written about the Moon. What’s her role? What on Earth does she want anyway? Is she really a greedy monster? Many things have not been answered. I thought it was about time to visit and take an exclusive interview so that I could finally get her side of the story. But it was really difficult to convince her. She’s shy and I had to wait until she felt at home. Just when she entered Cancer I made my move. Now, being in a mute sign is not usually the best circumstance for talking - as mute signs suggest - but, just this once, she decided to overcome this little obstacle. As expected we floated on water and I was trying really hard to concentrate and avoid being sea-sick. I knew she wasn’t an easy case. But I was determined to make this work:

-So, Miss Moon, let’s start with a classic: Why do you rule Cancer?

Oh, how many times have I had to answer this question! We were talking about it with the Sun. He’s a Male you know and he is also Hot and Dry. Not to mention that he’s all about Light. So, it was natural for him to take the rulership of Leo, a male, hot and dry sign – when there, it’s summer time, the Sun’s favorite time of the season. On the other hand I am a girl and as you’ve noticed, I’m cold and moist: Cancer is the ideal place for me to rule. But I am a Light too, a reflected kind of Light, so, we live next door to each other.

-I see. So this wasn’t a great Male conspiracy to degrade the Female element?

Please, don’t believe everything that you hear. We exist in harmony. And by the way, I may be Cold and Moist, passive some say, but that word only emphasizes my receptive qualities and indeed, there’s no planet that can take the Sun’s light and reflect it to the world like I do. Planets, Lights, elements… we are equally important, but equality does not mean leveling our nature and pretending or trying to be the Sun. A Queen will still be a Queen even if she manages to take the throne from the King. I hope that is clear enough for you and your Mercury!

-Yes, it was clear enough for everyone in the chart! Ok, let’s talk about those rumors that support the idea that you are a vampire constantly craving for Mr. Sun’s Light and the general idea of you being a Man-eater. Is it true?

Of course not! Look: a vampire goes after what it craves to satisfy itself and keeps everything for itself. My motives are very different. I may be craving for Sun’s light, but my mission isn’t to be satisfying my hunger. My mission is to take as much as I can -to receive – then multiply and give it back to the world. In Cancer I exalt Jupiter, not the Sun. You see, my motive is to expand, to make the most of the things that I receive. That’s why I’m regarded as the “mother”: I receive and multiply. I’ve also stopped eating men. It’s impossible to digest them (yes, the Moon can be sarcastic!).

My role is to receive the Sun’s light. The problem is that I can’t always do that - at least not successfully.

-You can’t? Why?

Paraphrasing Mr. Ozzy, I’m going through Phases. Well, that was one of the reasons that people started to talk about being Lunatic – that is, crazy.

-You listen to Black Sabbath?!

This is what I meant! Concentrate, please!

-Sorry, Miss Moon! Do tell us more about how to be Lunatic. Or about Phases, whichever comes first!

Being Lunatic is easy: try being in each sign for about a couple of days at the time and you will get a little crazy by all those ups and downs– or you may create multiple personalities! My phases on the other hand, are more of use. Imagine a circle divided at 4. This division has to do with my position in relation to the Sun.

Everything begins with my Conjunction to Mr. Sun. This is what you call New Moon – somehow it is a brand new circle for me and this phase is my first Quarter.

The second Quarter is signified by my first square to the Sun. My Light is increasing.

The next phase is of course the Full Moon –my opposition to the Sun – No! I do not grow any hair or teeth. But, I am full of light: This is when I can receive the most of Sun’s light and reflect it in a bright little circle of cheese, in the sky. By the way, who came up with this idea of me looking like cheese? Try again people and show some imagination this time!

The Last Quarter is signified by my final square to the Sun, while of course I’m decreasing in light.

And then, a new circle begins.

-I’m having an increasing feeling that you are all about the Sun! Don’t you have anything else to do?

I deny that! I’m very busy all the time! In Horary charts I’m the second significator for the Querent. I’m giving answers all the time! Yes, and timings too! I rule important stuff, like frogs and cabbages - and your beer too, as well as any other alcohol drink! Not to mention that I’m the significator of your emotions in your natal chart. What do you think now? Huh?

-I think you are being Lunatic, but I have to acknowledge that you have earned the right to be!

Well, thanks!

We were now floating in the open sea which, at least at the time, was calm. She was looking at her reflection on the surface. Then we looked at the open horizon and the Stars, lost in our thoughts. Silence was broken by Sirius, Miss Moon’s dog, who was chasing his tail obsessively and then decided to bark at other fixed stars. Spica was upset and almost fainted so the Moon shouted to him “Sit, now!” Miraculously, he obeyed and nestled up by her feet.

The night came. She had to rise, so now I was drifting in her watery house alone. It’s comfy when you get used to swinging all the time… On the other hand, as the song says, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!”