Across the Universe...

No dear reader, there will be no predictions this year either! Now that we’ve come to know each other better I hope that we’re passed all the ‘Aries/Taurus/Gemini etc will be abducted by aliens/carry an umbrella’ way of thinking. Only a few thoughts to share with you before 2014 becomes a part of the past.

How do you feel about all that has happened this last year, dear reader? If you are a bit like me, I guess you feel frustrated, disappointed and you keep thinking how is it possible for any human being to do such things to another? You are also probably wondering how it can be possible that any kind of belief system is used to justify the sacrifice of any human life.

I was in about the same state of mind, the other day, while watching the news on TV. In fact I was so overwhelmed by what I had seen, that my brain was unable to process the horrific scenes I had seen. It wasn’t a thriller, it wasn’t some fictional scenario, these things had actually happened in real life.

I decided to shut the TV set, and go outside; has the world become such a nasty place? Has the whole world gone completely insane?

However, I wasn’t seeing anyone going insane or anything nasty about this world around me. The Sun was shining, trees green, red, brown; a cat; kids were running up and down in the park and their mothers chatting with each other. An old man carrying a few oranges; the neighbor walking his dog; Mrs. Neighbor shouting from her balcony if I can get her some rosemary ‘because she’s cooking that great new chicken recipe… ’.  Simple, everyday people like you and me. An everyday scene that could be experienced by any of us in any part of the world – because we are the same and we are made of the same material;

No matter what the news show, we fortunately are the majority. But if we are the majority why do these horrific things take place? I wish I had an answer or even better a solution to that, dear reader, but I’m far from being wise, or a problem solver.

That’s what I think: while we decent on Earth, we do get to keep a memory of Heaven in our hearts. That’s how we can recognize its beauty and harmony all around us. And as long we have that memory, we can find that expressed in extension on the material sphere we live, in many ways. At the same time that’s how we instinctively know that those horrific, insane things do not belong in our World. And that’s how we know right from wrong in our hearts.

Simple, everyday people like you and like me. This is what the World is made of. And a great amount of blue and nice bits of green; the Moon, the Stars and more swirling Solar Systems in a vibrant, colorful Universe.  And maybe a few aliens too! A truly beautiful place, full of beautiful creatures in this corner of the Universe; let’s keep that in mind and keep our faith in humanity alive.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all!